Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Family: Da-da Da-da Da-da Da-da!

I'm a bit off schedule, but I'll do a family post today and a "Quoting Theology" post on Friday.

So, the girls have been down visiting family for a couple of weeks. I stayed behind until after Winterfest, and then I drove down to Birmingham to visit for a few days and then I brought them home.

So, here's the deal. Whenever I'm away from my daughters for a few days, I feel like they grow and mature about a years worth while we're apart. This time was no different. I feel like Emma is talking like a 25 year old, and Chloe made some quantum leaps in development. I was a little sad until the second day...when Chloe started saying Da-da (and sometimes even Daddy)...even Dana admits that she knows what she's saying (when she's not denying it just to mess with me). I walk into a the room and Chloe just beams and starts chanting "da-da-da-da-da-da..." I hear that, and I can take on the world. Oh, and I won this one. She said Da-da first!


Nathan said...

So cool. Our son is almost 4 months and it's something new everyday.


(PS - nathangann.com)

Ron, Kathy & Katlin said...

Don't be fooled. I thought it was cool that my kids learned to say 'da-da' first too. Years later I found that it's hardwired in thier DNA to do this. It's so when they get older they instinctively know which parent to ask for money from first.....'da-da'.