Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Ends & The Means

I'm noticing a disturbing trend...again. I keep seeing/hearing Christians (many of whom I know personally, love and respect), who are suspending their ethics for what they perceive as a "greater good". I see it when they participate in character assassination because a preacher, or simply another Christian holds a belief that they disagree with. I've been seeing it mostly these days as many Christians (whom I love and respect) are engaging in the political process. I see it when they circulate information (through emails, word of mouth, etc.) that is misleading at best, and blatantly false at worst. I see it when the ridiculously-easy-to-find evidence to the contrary is presented, and my believing friends say something to the effect of "I know, but I'm just so scared of what might happen."

It bothers me, because of the lack of faith it implies. It bothers me because it seems to assume that the "Way of life" that Jesus calls us to can and should be suspended when the cause is presumably righteous enough. It seems to accept Jesus for his "saving power" but dismisses His Way as hopelessly naive. It claims that "when the stakes are this high, the ends justify the means."

Here's my problem: When I read the words of Jesus...when I look at the life of Jesus, it becomes crystal clear to me that this approach makes no sense to Him at all. For Jesus, the ends never justify the means, because for Him the ends and the means are one and the same thing: LOVE.

No, I'm not worried. I think Jesus knows what He's talking about. I believe that we should live the Way of Jesus...that we live lives of faith, hope and love regardless of the circumstances and challenges. I believe that we trust God. I believe that we should voice and indeed vote our convictions, but I believe that we should do even that in the Way of Jesus. I don't think we should fear that darkness will overtake us if we insist on adhering to the standards and values of the Light. I think we have much to fear if we allow our Light to be extinguished by employing dark tactics in the fight against the darkness.


Sam said...

I don't know what to say other than, AMEN.

Dana said...

I agree, you can never achieve something right by doing something wrong. You're so brave. I've been wanting to write something about this for a while and hadn't got the guts.

I love you

Chris said...

I certainly agree, all the libs should stop the Bush-bashing!

Lynn Ellis said...

Adam - I love the way you think, your honesty, and the way you follow "the way" even when you suffer persecution for doing so. I agree with you 100% no justification exists for unChristlike behavior. Those who claim Christianity and believe the ends justify the means often grossly mis-represent Christ to the world. Love, Mom