Monday, February 04, 2008

Family: 10 things I am learning from being a Dad

As most of you know, I have 2 daughters: Emma, age 4 and Chloe, age 5 months. Here are 10 random things I am learning from being a Dad.
  1. I will do the goofiest, most self-deprecating things just to get them to smile.
  2. A 4-year-old can say some of the wisest things in the world , if we will only listen.
  3. I am learning the words to every song from every Disney Princess and every Barbie Movie ever made. (seriously, I am. Please don't make me prove this to you).
  4. I have to make decisions now based on the kind of people I want them to be when they grow up.
  5. Parenting isn't an equation.
  6. One of the greatest blessing that God ever gave to my girls and to me, was Dana.
  7. I have excellent mouth-closing reflexes. (I learned this when Emma was a baby and I was holding her up in the air, over my face. A large amount of spit-up hit me square in the face...but my mouth closed just in time)
  8. I desperately want to become the person that my daughters see in me.
  9. I am learning that "playing with Barbies" can be really enjoyable...if you play with the right people.
  10. I am learing that if God is our Father, there is more love and more grace than any of us ever dared to dream.
I'm going to tag Dana (as a Mom), Phil Wilson, Tony Griffies, Jason Bybee, and Brandon Thomas. Let's see your lists


CL said...

I also have two girls almost the exact same age and I think your list must be universal. I love the idea that to my four year old I am the "best Prince Charming ever!"

Jason said...

It'll be a tall order to simply limit myself to 10 things! Look for it in tomorrow's edition of A&NY.