Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stream Of Consciousness Observations On Life In General

This week, instead of unpacking 1 salient though, I'll drop several random, unconnected thoughts:

  • My wife Dana is one of the wisest people I've ever met.
  • My daughter Emma is brilliant (no bias, of course), and quite possibly a comedian.
  • "MySpace" is internet Crack that sucks up time like a vacuum cleaner.
  • "The Next Generation Leader" by Andy Stanley is probably the best book on Leadership I have ever read. I even started using a highlighter. (I generally hate Leadership books)
  • The weather in West Virginia is proof that God has a really weird sense of humor.
  • I wonder how much of "evangelism" happens at a subconscious level.
  • Sometimes I wonder if our current version of church cancels itself out.
  • I think Emma looks more like Dana than me, but she has my eyes.
  • Jack Johnson is just cool, isn't he?
  • My main contacts with most of my best friends (besides Dana and Emma of course), now take place over the internet.
  • I know the New Testament was originally written in Greek, but I'm pretty sure that the Greek language was invented by Satan.


Anna said...


Dana said...

So what are you trying to butter me up for?

Anna said...

i spelled interesting wrong.. haha oh, you're definitely right about "myspace". i'm addicted now. and dana he's not trying to butter you up, he just loves you =D.... well probably anyway lol

Donna G said...

many things I have no knowledge to comment on....but I agree with

* church cancel itself out

* and Greek being the language of Satan.

*well and keeping up with friends via internet...

BASSakward Tales said...

Adam, your sense of humor is still as warped as when we were at TSU. Hope everyone is doing great. My new blog site is The weather here in Alabama is just as crazy as it is West Virginia. Take care.

Keith Brenton said...

Greek couldn't be the language of Satan.

He was too busy writing BASIC.

Gilbert said...

I handled Greek much better than that Hebrew stuff. It didn't help that my Hebrew professor just thought Hebrew was the best thing in the world. He would actually get excited when talking about it.

John Owens said...

If you like Next Gen Leader, you need to get 7 Practices of Effective Ministry by Stanley, Joiner and the other guy. Nuts and bolts of NGL in a ministry setting. Great stuff.

Peterson Toscano said...

Adam, you and your blog come HIGHLY recommended by Dana who declares that you are brilliant.

So I am going to nose around and get dazzled.