Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quick Post About My Daughter

I love my daughter. She makes me smile. We were sitting around at home the other night and she proceeded to sing a cute little song about the Bible that neither I nor Dana had ever heard before. We didn't teach it to her. Anyway, I took a video of it with my phone, and thought I'd share it with you.

CLICK HERE for the video of Emma singing


Ahnog said...

Daughter's are wonderful things!

Mine is grown and married now and approaching 30. Last year for Father's Day she gave me a booklet she had made by hand. She called it "A Pocket Full of Memories." In it she related 30 or so special memories of the relationship we shared when she was a little girl and sense. It is my most treasured earthly possession.

Anna said...

emma is soo adorable! i chuckle every time i see that =)