Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Gift Of My Family

Youth ministry can be tough. Life can be tough. Faith can sometimes be difficult. My family keeps me sane. God has given me two wonderful gifts in Dana (my wife) and Emma (my daughter). Dana's support gives me the strength and courage to take on the world. She keeps me from taking myself too seriously, usually with this cute little grin on her face. She has loved me when I have been pretty unlovable at times. She has stood beside me in a difficult life that she didn't have to choose. She is like Jesus in all the ways I'm not. Her mere presence challenges me to do better, as her life shines the light of Christ into the dark places of my heart. I love her. She is a gift from God. Emma has taught me things about my relationship with God that no book could have ever taught me. She can melt away my occasional hopelessness with a smile, despair with a hug, and the weight of the world (that I tend to load on my own shoulders) with a kiss. The sight of her restores my faith in a way I can't explain. Her laugh brings the world back in to harmony. My family is a taste of heaven, that I too often take for granted. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.

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BASSakward Tales said...

What a blessing that you are not afraid to let everyone know how you feel about your family. So many times we think these things to ourselves, but we don't have the courage to say them, or in your case write them down. I think it is awesome.