Saturday, November 27, 2004

Home From YS Conference/Thanksgiving

I'm home again from all my travels. I'll do a big post by Thursday. I've got lots of stuff bumping around in my mind. As I mentioned before, Rob Bell was fantastic (I also picked up several of his Nooma DVD's). I also got a chance to go to a seminar that Tony Jones (author of Postmodern Youth Ministry) did on Youth Ministry in the Emerging Church. In addition to that I got a chance to go to a late night panel discussion on postmodernism between Spencer Burke (of The Ooze), Tony Jones, Mark Miller (author of Experiential Storytelling), and Mark Oestreicher (president of Youth Specialties). It was quite interesting. On top of that, Doug Fields gave an excellent seminar that sort of talked about how to take care of yourself and be who you are supposed to be as a youth minister (I know he's not an EC guy, but what a sincere follower of Jesus and example to Youth Ministers!) I also picked up tons of CD's both of seminars I actually attended that were good and of those that looked interesting that I didn't get a chance to attend. On the way home, Dana and I listened to a seminar that Cathy Fields (Doug's Wife) gave to youth ministers on what their wives wish they knew. I reccomend it to anyone in ministry. More later.



Ron, Kathy & Katlin said...

Those Nooma DVD's rock! I heard Rob Bell was pretty good. Glad you went and got alot out of it...Ron

Brandon Scott Thomas said...

Adam--sounds really cool. I'm anxious to hear more.