Saturday, November 20, 2004


I'm in Atlanta this week at the Youth Specialties Conference. Getting to the internet is a little tough (I found a free internet cafe, but there aren't many stations). So far it has been excellent. I just heard Rob Bell give an excellent lesson on "claiming truth wherever you find it" (and equipping kids to do the same). I now have tons of thoughts bouncing around in my head in regards to that (and it was just the first keynote session), so I'm sure I'll have tons of stuff to blog when I get back to PC. Also, Jars of Clay was supposed to perform to day, but had to cancel, so Casting Crowns filled in for them. Excellent.



Chris(co) said...

Yeah, Casting Crowns plays a good show. But these guys are better :) and

John Owens said...

Hey, Adam. I'm at YS too. Pilavachi rocked tonight. Crowder took the whole thing to a new level. Doug Fields rocked my face off today in "Crafting Messages that Matter."

Brandon Scott Thomas said...

have fun and have a great holiday, my brother.