Friday, December 03, 2004

Crazy Week

Hey guys and girls,
It's been sort of a crazy week this week. My parents have been vacationing in Destin, so we've been back and forth visiting with them. In additon to that we painted our living room and hall AND changed all the light fixtures in that room. On top of all that, I've been out of town for about two weeks and have been playing catch up at the office. I appreciate all of my friends who asked with sincere concern today if everything was ok due to the fact that I have been absent from the internet this week. Wow, am I really on that much? No theology this week. Check back next week same bat-time same bat-channel.


Jovan said...

Adam I meant to thank you a while back for some comments you made about my self-seeking post. So thanks.

"Same bat time ... same bat channel" Holy Cow, I think you really are Batman.

Chris(co) said...

Spiderman is sooooo much better :)