Saturday, September 18, 2004

I'm Batman!

I was recently having an IM conversation with Tony , who really wonders about me sometimes. We were talking about the new "Currently Reading" feature and "Books I highly recomend" link that I've added to the blog and specifically the fact that Tony never likes any of the books I reccomend to him. Here's a sampling of the conversation (as you read, remember that we are very good friends and both somewhat sarcastic):
Tony: thanks for stearing me away from your reading list. for a moment there, I thought about checking it out. who knows what might have happened if I wandered into such a trap! thanks man! you saved me!

Adam: you never like anything I reccomend

Tony: because, for the most part, I don't find much value in the reading. sorry. I don't perceive the problems that you do.

Adam: I know. I find that facinating

Tony: to be honest, I think some of the problems you perceive are manufactured by the bias of the reading you do.

Adam: I think that's probably true, but I don't think it's a bad thing

Tony: your addmitance of this manufacturing is facinating to me.

Adam: lol manufacturing/enlightening/whatever

Tony: "enlightening". I feel a not-so-subtle jab there. an implication that I'm living in the dark ages of naivete. "Oh, if only Tony would wake up and smell the coffee made by the barista in the church foyer!"

Adam: not necc. I think that context and calling are important. This stuff may be neither for you, although it is both for me

Tony: explain

Adam: I think God calls people to be different kinds of ministers. I believe I am called to be that kind of minister in the Cof C. I think you are called to be a more pastoral minister in the c of C

Tony: I question your calling. but I'm glad you feel this.

Adam: of course you do

Tony: why do you say, "of course I do"?

Adam: there exists a natural tension between the roles but both are neccessary. It's sort of a Batman/Superman kind of thing (wow, that was nerdy) I would say that you are more superman and I am more batman

Tony: LOL. I would too although I don't know why. explain

Adam: There is a tension that exists in the comic book world between Batman and Superman. Superman questions Batman's methods. Batman thinks Superman is too much of a boyscout. To the reader it is obvious that both are good/right.

Tony: boy, that was nerdy. but I see your point. which makes me nerdy, too. so I'm the boy scout, and your methods are wack

Adam: in your view, yes

Tony: in my view, because there are no absolutes (this is fun!)

Adam: no, you stinking boyscout. In your view b/c it's not compatable with your role i.e. the lenses you look at it through

Tony: LOL

Adam: now, tuck in your cape and go check out the list on my blog

Tony: wow, don't get your bat suit all in a wad

Adam: it rides up something awful
This whole Batman/Superman thing was stirred in my thinking when I was listening to a CD of a lesson Tony Campolo was doing at a convention. He said that in the OT there were 2 kinds of ministers/pastors: prophets and priests. The priests lived with the people and did the weddings and funerals and cared for the people. The prophets came down from the mountains and pointed toward the Kingdom of God. Campolo then suggested that in our times we have tried to merge these roles (out of neccesity) into one. The problem is that these roles conflict with each other. My theory is that each minister is wired to be primarily one or the other: priest (Superman) or prophet (Batman). I'm working on developing more "priestly" qualities, but I am Batman.


Anonymous said...
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Adam said...
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Anonymous said...

Didn't I just see Batman the other day standing on a ledge outside of Buckingham Palace? Robin got caught before he could join the caped crusader. So much for having a side kick. I knew that was you stepping out on the edge again Adam!...Ron

CL said...

Adam, Great stuff!

This is something I am dealing with in our area. I am a bit of a Batman myself. So I find myself at times in conflict with those of a more traditional mindset in our "brotherhood," sometimes even in our own church. Some have said that it is because I am young sometimes too overzealous and idealistic (at least those who don't truly understand where I am coming from) Personally, I can't see anything wrong with pushing buttons and asking the tough questions that those of the "pastor" type don't want to ask. Or sometimes don't even see. Keep pushing the envelope brother! God bless!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with what you are saying. I find that conversation that you had a "picture" of what a conversation I would have with most of my pastor friends. They would definately question my calling both to ministry and salvation.

I feel liberal at times just because I have been taught that Superman is the only type for ministry/saving the world.

I am not liberal nor am I conservative. I want to be Christian. Make sense?