Thursday, September 23, 2004

Changing Stories

I read a great quote by N.T. Wright in his book "The Original Jesus" the other day. He says:
"So, Jesus' stories, people say, were just 'earthly stories with heavenly meaning'. But that's rubbish! Stories are far more powerful than that. Stories create worlds. Tell the story differently, and you change the world."

I love that quote! Stories are powerful, especially in this emerging culture. I am really excited about a new study I have begun with a small group of teens. We are going through "The Book of God" together. It is basically a novelization of the Bible that picks up with Abraham (Abram) and carries through to the establishment of the church as a single story. My idea (which is not original to me) is that they will begin to view the Bible as a one story instead of a collection of stories. Then I want them to make the connection that their life is an extention of that same story. We've had our first meeting, and they are into it. There was no was just an hour and a half discussion about the Bible with teenagers (mostly driven by them). Their story is changing, and as it changes, so does their world.


c said...

a great movie to illustrate the element of story is "Second Hand Lions." i didn't think i would like this type of movie but it was very powerful. i wrote a bit on it on my blog. enjoy reading yours adam. good stuff.

Jon said...

Your post reminds me that God has changed the broken stories of our lives and has given us a new heritage, a Heavenly one. Our story, our world, has been changed by the death of our Savior. We have the ultimate happy ending in Christ!!

How could we ever want to change that?

Jason Retherford said...


Interesting thoughts today. Hey you mentioned on my blog about wanting some more information about LCU's grad program. I give two thumbs up brother. The program is designed to allow full time guys to work full time and not have to give up much to work on their Masters. Their website, and Donna Taylor, the grad Bible admissions lady is extremly helpful. I think you'd be impressed with what they offer. The majority of their classes are offered on-line and even then, the work load in my mind isn't more than a regular classroom setting. Also, if you perchance you sign up, um, they give a free class (this happened for a freind of mine) to me, and I believe you as well. And then if you recruit others, you will get another free course, and so on. When I started the program last spring this was still the case, and as far as I know it's still ongoing. Check them out, I do think you will find as far as cost is concerned they are much cheaper than all of our c o c schools. Plus, my bias is that LCU's program is cutting edge. I don't think you would be disappointed.