Friday, September 10, 2004

The Ambulance Driver's Delima

I've started reading Brian McLaren's new book, "A Gererous Orthodoxy", and last night I ran across something in the introduction that described what I've been feeling lately better than anything I've come up with so far. He says:
"Meanwhile I have realized that my deepest passion isn't for church people: it has always been for those outside the church. I want to welcome them in, to help them become part of our life and mission. But often I have felt like an ambulance driver bringing injured people to a hospital where there's an epidemic spreading among the patients and doctors and nurses. You know the feeling? What do you do? You try to help the hospital get the epidemic under control again, so they can get back to helping people heal."
Man, I identify with that. I guess that's why I tend to focus on certain things and concepts in my teaching and preaching. Still, there is great hope. There is a new generation springing up (younger than me) who are showing less and less symptoms of the epidemic. In addition, many church leaders are trying to "get the epidemic under control again, so they can get back to helping people heal". Check out Mike Cope's Blog and read today's post (Sept 10) for a great example.


Donna G said...

Thanks for sharing that. That is one of the best descriptions of how I feel that I have ever read. I may have to check out that book.

Bob Robinson said...

I've read everything Brian's written...

...He just has a way of putting into words exactly what's already in my heart!

I'm looking forward to reading A Generous Orthodoxy, but I'm waiting to get through some other books and lectures right now.

Unknown said...

Boy does that description describe me. It is almost perfect. I feel that way everyday and struggle with ministry because of that. I almost can't continue on as a Christian just because I hate taking sick people to the epidemic filled hospital. Make sense?

I HAVE got to buy that book!