Thursday, April 14, 2005


I'm tired. There has been alot going on. Don't worry, I'm not at all depressed, just tired. I have an idea I want to blog about (dealing with a different interpretation of the parable of the wheat and the weeds), but I just can't come up with it today. I've been doing a series w/ the youth group on Wednesdays called "The End of The World As We Know It". The series is going really well, but I'm putting alot into it (it requires alot of research). It kind of a contraversial series, but it's being well recieved. (I believe that if you are talking about God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit or the Bible and it isn't contraversial, you are doing something wrong). On top of that, we are doing our last Beach Retreat with the youth group this weekend. The theme is "The Way" and I'm in the process of writing the lessons. I'm really trying put alot into these as well. Additionally, I had made a committment to the rest of the staff that I would finish the video editing and production of a DVD based small group series that we worked on together. This is sort of a tedious process and is quite time consuming, but I'm very proud of how the finished product is turning out. (actually it's 2 series. The first is called "What Is The Kingdom Like?" and the second is called "Parables of Grace and Judgment") I've also committed to do the Graduation banquet for the seniors on our last Saturday here. I wanted to be sure that they didn't get shafted because of our move. Even so, more work for me, which is fine, but I'm tired.

We made an offer on a house in West Virginia today. Our house in PC is under contract. I'm not sure why I'm telling you all this, except to ask for your prayers. As busy as I am, I think Dana is more busy and more stressed. She's been trying to pack things up at the house while I'm at work and Emma's been sick. Anyway...I've spent more time on this than I meant to. Prayers would be appreciated.


Phil said...

You've got the prayers, bro. Moving and new job are two huge stressors. Praying for some peace in all of this.

JP said...

I hear you on the stress brother, I have moved 6 times in the last 6 years from SC to NJ to MA back to NJ...Praying for you man

Matt Elliott said...

I just finished the new McLaren that I see you're reading. What did YOU think?

Anonymous said...

hey! i just found your site! this is rachel, from GC. i can't wait til you, dana, and emma come... you are going to be great for us!


we'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Well since you gave me the link 2 your site (thanx by the way ;-) ) I thought I'd check it out. I am sooo excited about you coming 2 GC! I know your going 2 do some awesome things here. The youth group is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! See you soon! :-P

Keith Brenton said...

You've got my prayers - I just last week finished editing a 17-1/2 minute DVD to be presented at a dinner for my university's donors ... I know how time-consuming that is!

When you've recovered, I'd love to know more about your "kingdom" and "End of the World As We Know It" series. I've blogged about the kingdom - and if the other item is about end times and Christ's return, well, I'm teaching a summer elective series on that at church in June and July!