Friday, April 29, 2005


Yes, I know I'm a day late posting. Yes, I know that I haven't really dropped any theology on here in a long time and have only been whining about how busy I am and how I'm moving soon. That's just the fact of my life right now. We load the truck on Monday. I'm not sure how we are going to get everything done before that, but we are. My plan is to resume blogging as usual next week (or the next, at the latest). Please keep the prayers going for us. They are much appreciated.


Blake said...

Praying for you in your time of transition.

mdwinn said...

AE, my thoughts are with you. Do not fear the sense of "becoming a stranger" as you leave all that you have invested in. Having made the step out recently from a youth group I have found incredible comfort in the story of Abraham [gen 12] while in a time of transition. He too became a stranger in a strange land. No doubt loading the your truck is similar to him loading up the tents to move to the next place. And yes the lives that God has allowed you to mold and shape and who have changed your heart, they will be cared for by the One who cares for all His little ones. Embrace all that is now, don't miss what you can learn in departing from the place you have called home. "Lech Lecha" is a life teaching that people of God have journeyed on since the day Abraham's story was recorded. For more info on Lech Leacha, remember as Rob Bell once said, "google is your friend." May your journey be rich and always growing you from the inside.

Anonymous said...

You should be able to get everything on the truck, seeing as how at the rate you're giving me books and CDs, you won't have anything left to load on there.

Much thanks for those, by the way, and best of luck in WV.

P.S. It would bring me great joy if you from now on yelled "WEST SIIIIIEEEEDE...of Virginia" when describing where you live now, because it would probably be the last thing I would ever expect to hear coming from your mouth barring "Family Matters was written so eloquently, and contained many comedy gems."

Anonymous said...

happy moving... i know this is really stressful... i'll be praying for you!