Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Gospel According to LOST (Book Recommendation)

If you ask me, Chris Seay doesn't write enough. I have loved every book that I've read by him. His writing style is uniquely engaging...almost conversational...intelligent without sounding academic. As a reader, you find yourself drawn in, without feeling "talked down to". But where Seay really shines is when he explores the intersection of Pop-Culture and Theology.

In The Gospel According to Lost, Seay explores the ABC television series, that has become a cultural force. To be honest, I stared getting into the show in season 2, but gave up on it after I couldn't make sense of the polar bears on a tropical island or the black cloud that killed a guy. Even though I hadn't been watching the show, when the opportunity to review this book came up, I jumped on it based on how much I had enjoyed Seay's previous work. From the very beginning, he began revealing layers of meaning that I had missed in my brief stint of watching the show. I was quickly convinced that my rejection of LOST had been premature. I caught up with recaps on itunes and with full episodes of all previous seasons on hulu. I'm now an unabashed LOST devotee, fully engaged in the final season, due in no small part to this book.

While a few chapters are devoted to topical material, Seay devotes the majority of the chapters to exploring individual characters. It's a brilliant approach, as it allows him to explore various themes, but in a personal, almost relational way. It's also made me a more observant viewer, learning to notice the titles of books that that characters are reading, or even carrying. The layers of philosophy and theology woven into this show are astounding, and Seay teases them out beautifully. He released this book before the final season, but he doesn't totally shy away from making predictions about the answers to various as yet, unanswered questions. This is a quick and enjoyable read, that fans of LOST will love...and that just might make a fan out of you, if you're not already.

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P.S. Be sure to check out Chris Seay's video podcast on each episode of the final season of LOST. Good stuff.

* This book was provided for review free of charge through Amazon Vine.

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