Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I turned 34-years-old today. It feels oddly significant to me, though I'm not totally sure why. It may be because I got confused last year and thought I was turning 34 then, and was pleasantly surprised when I figured out my mistake. It may be because, as my friend Matthew Paul Turner reminded me this morning, I'm older than Jesus was at the time of his crucifixion. It may just be because I realize that if I live 34 more years, I'll be 68. Who knows? Maybe I'm just feeling particularly narcissistic and self-important today :)

At any rate, today I'm thinking about my life. All in all, the first 34 years have been fantastic, full of wonder, love and adventure. The most amazing person I've ever met married me and agreed to spend the rest of her life with me. We became parents of 2 wonderful little girls who teach me, make me laugh, and leave me awestruck every day. I worked for 10 years in youth ministry and then transitioned into preaching. I earned a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from Lipscomb. I've taught at the university level. I've found a church home that legitimately feels like family. It's been a good 34 years.

Additionally, I've also been thinking about what I'd like to do in the next 34 years:
  • I want to become as compassionate and loving as my wife.
  • I want my daughters to know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much I love them and how much I believe in them.
  • I want to continuously communicate to my wife how much I love, respect, admire, and appreciate her.
  • I want to write a good book and become a published author.
  • I want to make sure I communicate to my parents how much I appreciate who they are, and how thankful I am for the love and support they've given me.
  • I want to make sure my sister knows I'm proud of her.
  • I want to really learn how to play the guitar well.
  • I'd like to cultivate new friendships with people I haven't even met yet, while retaining and continuing to cultivate those friendships that have breathed life into me.
  • I want to pray and mediate more.
  • I want to continue to grow and learn every day for the rest of my life
  • I want to spend more time with people who make me laugh.
  • I want to be there more for people who cry.
  • I want to live a life full of shared moments that my wife and children will remember for the rest of my life...the kind of moments that will make them smile, even after I'm gone.
  • I want take better care of myself by eating better and exercising more.
  • I want to be an agent of hope, peace, love, and reconciliation
  • I want to be someone worthy of respect.
  • I want to care less who's watching
  • I want to reflect the characteristics of the God I see revealed in Jesus.
  • I want to listen more.
  • I want to learn to see each moment with a sense of wonder.
  • I want to make sure that my heart never becomes callous to the suffering of others.
  • I want to live a life worthy of the blessings I've been given.
Grace and Peace,


Anonymous said...

I think there's something in the air making many of us introspective...I just blogged in a similar vein on Sunday...

Emily said...


I wish you the best on your continued journey in full faith that God will bring you immeasurably beyond all you can ask or imagine.

Lynn Ellis said...

I could not be more proud of you. When you were a child, I prayed for you to be all that you could be - a follower of Jesus with your own faith - a wonderful husband and father - and successful at whatever path you chose to take for your life's work. You ARE what I prayed for and more. God does answer prayers in ways that surpasses what we can even imagine. I love you very much.

stephy said...

Congrats! I turned 35 this year. I work in an emergency room so I have a perspective on getting older; I feel lucky...haha!