Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As One Blog Ends...A New One Begins

I've been a very inconsistent blogger for the last several months. Its sort of odd because there are lots of things that I want to write about, and in many ways, my current job is more conducive to such writing than youth ministry was. I think, to me, this blog is representative of a period in my life that has passed. It may seem silly, but I plan to launch a new blog in early January which I will announce and link here. I do plan on writing one final post on this site, which I will call "Reflections on Leaving Youth Ministry", which should be up in early January. I will leave this blog up as an archive, but I do not plan on posting much here after the new one is live. If you have journeyed with me here these past several years, I thank you for your attention and comments. Please come to the new blog once it is live. I plan on posting on a much more consistent basis.


P.S. After a very long hiatus, Phil Wilson and I are also bringing back the Post-Restorationist Podcast in January. I'll provide links once that is live as well. Please come join the conversation.

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Javier said...

It's always wise to start new blogs, it's always wise to start... I hope you have a nice 2009 and may it be a peaceful year.