Wednesday, November 05, 2008

2 Great Speeches and the end of the Election

I watched 2 great speeches last night. I am well aware that opinions are very divided on this election, particularly among Christians, but I must say that both speeches were inspiring to me.

McCain was gracious, noble and honorable. His plea for unity and his pledge to help (an offer I sincerely hope Obama considers, as a means toward unity) displayed character. His heartfelt comments about Obama's grandmother were touching. Thank you for the way you handled this John McCain. May your supporters display the same grace and character.

Barack Obama's speech was inspiring. As someone who speaks for a living, I was impressed by the delivery. I was further impressed by the absence of gloating. Obama displayed character in his comments about John McCain and Sarah Palin. I was further impressed by his plea for unity and his insistence that, though a segment of the population didn't vote for him, he intended to be their president too and he was listening.

I was also impressed by the way that President Bush congratulated President Elect Obama and called our country to unite.

The call to unity is refreshing after such a bitterly divided political season. May we heed it in prayer, while at the same time we remember that our "first allegiance is not to a flag, a country, or a man. Our first allegiance is not to democracy or blood. Its to a King and a Kingdom."

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