Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quoting Theology

"If the word believing seems too soft a strategy for confronting global crises, I would reply that believing seems like a soft or weak thing only when it is a domesticated belief. Tame believing for and within the dominant system may be easy, but wild believing against and beyond it turns normal people into heroes and history changers. Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr., Galileo, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Saint Francis...they all showed this heroic courage to believe against and beyond the dominant systems of their day."


rachel =) said...

(i'm so exicted to read that book!)

thanks for the comment. i really needed it today; she's still not talking to me.

Darin L. Hamm said...

the quote makes me think of Bonhoeffer.

Anna said...

monday is for family. do you not love your family? =]