Friday, March 02, 2007

The Tornadoes in Enterprise

My parents (Keith and Lynn Ellis) live in Enterprise, AL. My pregnant wife and my daughter were visiting them this week. Yesterday (Thursday) morning, Mom, Dana and Emma went to Montgomery to help my sister shop around and get ready for her upcoming wedding. My family is all fine, and I am extremely thankful. Yet, every time I have said that prayer in the last 24 hours, I have been struck by the fact that there are those who don't get to pray that prayer. One of the teenagers who died in the High School went to the church that my Dad preaches at. My Dad was called on to tell her family that she had died. My Dad's strength continually amazes me. Another girl (who I know pretty well) was injured, but will live. The school followed the correct procedure and had the student gather in a hallway for safety. Those one one side were killed while those on the other side were buried in debris, but lived. I don't have a neat theological formula that helps explain that. I'm thankful that my family was spared that kind of loss. I hurt for the parents who sent their kids to school, never to speak to them again. I hurt for the families that are sitting in hospital rooms of their children. I hurt when I think of their confusion in relation to the God they placed their faith in. I don't think they need answers (and I'm not sure there are any answers that would help). I think they need love. I think they need the support of their faith communities. I think they need our prayer for the peace that passes understanding. Please join me in lifting this community up in prayer.

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Jan said...

It is crazy to think of how I sat in that very hall during tornadoes and tornado drills... I am praying for all those who were hurt by this great tragedy.