Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Don't you just hate it when your eschatology turns out to be Calvinistic?

So, I was reading Theological Turning Points: Major Issues in Christian Thought by Donald McKim for my Historical Theology class and I unearthed a deep, dark secret about myself. As I was reading through the chapter on Eschatology, I was struck by how similar my view was to (at least McKim's description of ) John Calvin's. You may be wondering "What's the big deal?" I have to be honest here. I really have a problem with most of the theology that I've heard that claims to be Reformed/Calvinist. Their perspective on predestination, total depravity, God's "control" of the universe, etc. really bother me and, in my opinion, distort the story and intention of scripture. There are , however, a couple of notable exceptions to this, i.e. their doctrine of Creation, and (apparently) their eschatology. Additionally, I have found the proponents of this perspective to generally be mean and un-Christ-like in their attacks on all other perspectives (I continue to assert that character a powerful apologetic). There are also notable exceptions to this, such as the brilliant and Christlike theologian Michael Wittmer. Additionally, I understand that there seems to be quite some difference in the contemporary views of Calvinists and Calvin, himself. I will however state, for the record, that Calvin seems to be "on it" in the area of eschatology. I will follow him as he follows Christ.

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