Thursday, February 16, 2006

Teaching to question?

The overriding perception of Christian teachers (preachers, youth ministers, etc.) is that they are to give answers. To be fair, the Bible does present answers as being important (i.e. 1 Pet. 3:15). However, I wonder if we should be doing a better job of teaching people to question. I'm not talking about groundless, belligerent questions that have no respect for God. I'm suggesting that we teach people to ask better questions. I'm suggesting that we teach people to approach the Bible looking not just for answers, but for questions as well. It seems to me that the Bible wasn't intended to give easy answers. Rather, it seems to beg questions...questions that make you think. Scripture seems to want to be digested slowly. Instead of instant comfort it seems to want to stir troubling questions...questions that take time to process...questions that change you at the core of your being.


Milton Stanley said...

Excellent post. I linked to it this morning on my blog. Peace.

russn said...

Thought provoking. Linked to it in a blog entry tonight.

Keith Brenton said...

You're on to something there!

Peterson Toscano said...

Adam, as an educator, I've learned that students remember best what comes out of their own mouths. By asking thoughtful questions, it can lead folks to startling understandings that they own and will pursue even deeper.

Hey, wasn't Jesus into whole questioning thing?