Sunday, November 20, 2005

YS Update 2 (Campolo quotes)

Campolo Quotes From YS
  • (Regarding Apologetics) "The conflict is not between Christianity and science... Science is no longer on the throne"
  • "If we are conditioned by our past, we are more influenced by what we anticipate in the future"
Paraphrases of Campolo statements (because I didn't write them down exactly and don't want to misquote him)
  • Don't presume that just because your ministry is producing pious kids who don't use 4-letter words that they are "Christian". Christians pursue justice for the poor and oppressed.
  • In a city in England, there was a rule passed that you could no longer refer to the decorative seasonal lights as "Christmas Lights". They must now be called "holiday lights" so as not to offend Muslims and Jews. The Rabbis and Imans were the first to protest, because 'if the Christians can no longer express themselves in the public arena, how much longer will we be able to?'
  • If I was forced to choose between individualitic salvation and social justice, I would have to go with individualistic salvation. However, you do not have to choose. We must pursue both.
I also got to hear Tony do a couple of his famous riffs, i.e.
  • "It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming"
  • "...[a large number of] children die every day of starvation and you people don't give a [expletive]. What's worse is that more of you care that I said [expletive] than about the starving children."
Good stuff.


tonymyles said...

Tony rocked in Pittsburgh, too. I blogged a bunch of notes in case you want to compare and contrast.

Matt Elliott said...

Gotta love Campolo. My third favorite Campolo quote of all time went something like this:

"Conservatives are people who worship at the graves of dead liberals."

My second favorite:

"I grew up Baptist, and in the Baptist Church, we don't have dances because dancing incites the lust of the flesh. So instead, we have hayrides. There's always somebody with a guitar playing "Do Lord" while everybody else is back in the hay doing it!"

My absolute favorite:

"Sacred cows make great hamburgers."

Phil said...

Here are the notes I took in the Politics class:

Campolo on Christians in Politics

Movements that affected Christianity inthe Political Realm
• Slavery (mid 1800s)
• Feminism (late 1800s)
• Immigration (Early 1900s)
• Evolution (1920s thru 1940s)
• Liberal Theology/Modernism - Social Gospel (1950s thru 1970s)
• Abortion (1970s thru 1990s)
• Homosexuality (2000s)

''Democracy is not simply a place where the majority reigns, but where it is safe to be in a minority."

"kingdom of God is transformed people living transformed lives."

Isalah 65:17 kingdom theology
Zechariah 8:3-4

2000 verses on the poor in the Bible

"the whole gospel for the whole world"

Ephesians 3:10 Church is primary means through which social change should be affected