Thursday, September 22, 2005

Systematic Theology Class @ Lipscomb

I'm in Nashville this week for my Systematic Theology class with John Mark Hicks. I'll admit that "Systematic Theology" sounded less than uninteresting to start with. However, Hicks takes a Narrative approach to it and I am loving it. In addition to the class, I have had a chance to spend some time with my blogging friends Phil (and his wonderful family) and BST. I also got a chance to meet Preston at Otter Creek Wednesday night. I'll be driving back to West Virginia (and to Dana and Emma) tomorrow evening.

The class was great and has really spurred my thinking, but I'm not going to expound on it that much today. Starting next week I will be writing a "position paper" on significant theological topics each week for the next 5. My plan is to post them each week to the blog. For those weeks I will probably post on Friday or Saturday. I would love your feedback on them.


Anna said...

yay for you being home!=-D

Gilbert said...

Hey man, wish I had known you were in Nashville last week. I would have tried to visit with you. Although, I realize the week long classes don't leave much room for visiting. Been there and done that! I loved my graduate experience at Lipscomb.

Let me know when you will be back.