Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Book Store

Be sure to check out my new book store in the side bar. I have personally read, viewed, or listened to everything listed and reccomend it. It's an amazon.com store, and if you buy from me I get credit with them. It doesn't cost you any more, but it enables me to buy more books so I can reccomend them to you. Click on an author's name to view the books they have written that I am listing. Feel free to look around. Thanks.


Matt Wilson said...

The class has been going amazing! I started the class first thing with the Silence video. As you said there was plenty to gain from just watching the video. The discussion went very well from the video. The teens really connected with the video. From there each day the class changed from day to day. Discussions ranged from what God intended the church to be to how to begin dialogue with a Buddist friend. Very exciting class. The spirit was moving and was among us this week. Thanks for asking....

Bar L. said...

Your book looks realy great. Glad I found your blog.

God bless you,