Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Book?

I'm giving serious consideration to writing a book. The only concerns I have are:
1) Would anyone actually be interested in what I have to say?
2) People who are self-promoting irritate me. I don't want to be viewed that way.

The content of the as-yet untitled book would be expanded versions of ideas and concepts I've explored on this blog so far. I just don't know if there would be a market for that kind of stuff, or if it would just be limited to people who have grown up in my particular religious tradition (Churches of Christ). I also wonder if it is an arrogant idea for a youth minister for a 300 member church (that actually isn't employing most of these ideas currently) to write a book about this stuff. Anyway, I guess I would like your input on these concerns. What do you think? Would these ideas be helpful to people?
P.S. I'm also thinking about having people from various Christian backgrounds (a missionary, a preacher, a more traditional youth minister, etc.) write commentary (agreeing, expounding, and disagreeing) throughout the text in the margins. What do you think of this?


Jan said...

Go for it! I have always thought you should write a book!

Jason Retherford said...


write away brother! God for it. I do think there is an interest in what you are saying. For, I am finging others are saying and asking the same questions, and so I say write on.

Chris(co) said...

To answer your concerns

1) Yes
2) You won't be

Rock on

John Owens said...

Blogs are not self promoting at all. :)

Write a book. And for cost sake, it could be an e-book, or you could go to that web site I can't think of right now that prints them as you order and there's no overhead.

I see how you would be apprehensive since you're not employing all the concepts. But I still think you should do it. I'll buy one.

Do it. NOW!

Greg said...

Go for it, bro! I like your idea about margin commments, too. That's the way Dan Kimball approached his book, The Emerging Church.

CL said...

I like it, as a true theologian once said. Git R'Dun! God bless!

c said...

i agree with the others. i also enjoy the engaging conversations with other people in a book.but if do write this book, you can't use the word "postmodern." now if thats not a challenge, i don't know what is.

Sid said...

I probably would not buy or read a book like this. Really, I get more than enough of this kind of stuff from occasionally reading your blog.

Yeah, it does sound odd for someone to write about stuff they haven't actually used much, but if you make it clear that you haven't used it (say, in a forward or something), and maybe even why you haven't used it ("my church is too stubborn and closed-minded but I'm staying there and hoping they'll get it eventually!!11"), it's probably fine. It would just depend on who you are intending will buy it. You appear to have quite a few friends who are encouraging you to go with it. So whatever you think is good.

Who knows, I may buy a copy just 'cause you wrote it. Maybe even read it from time to time.

Not that I'd ever have any use for the information written, I don't think.

About having different people comment on the stuff written, that sounds like a cool idea. You wouldn't happen to have any room for a 17 year-old guy who's starting to question what he's been taught most his life and is coming to conclusions that are based more upon what he wants to hear rather than on any actual study, would you? ;) It could be a very different perspective, to be sure.

Though, honestly, your views are probably so far removed from mine that all I could say is "uhh... I don't like it but if it works for you... whatever..."

-- Sid

Jon said...

I would be interested in seeing which topics you pick and which denominations respond. I think it would be a good barometer of what thoughts are our there, not to mention a great tool in educating ourselves of others' convictions and beliefs.

Go for it!

Jay Houston said...

I think that you should go for it. You would write a good book. George and i would buy one... But as long as you put some pictures in there for george.

Tony said...

I'd read the book. Of course, I'd be partial to that more "traditional" commentary in the margins.... ;-)

Steve F. said...

Your questions are my own questions, brother - and I'm better the answer I give you (not "yes," but "heck, yes!") is probably the answer I need to hear, too.

In my first visit to your blog, I've found some very, very powerful stuff...I've linked you to my own blog, because I *know* a lot of folks I know will want to hear your voice.

As for specific answers to the questions - my two-bits worth:
1) Heck, yes. There's a whole generation of technophobes who wouldn't read you *here*, but would take your book to heart...and, hopefully, to their church council meetings, youth group get the picture.
2) To steal a line from Richard Nelson Bolles: one group of people will almost always see you as self-promoting. Another group of people will see you as "sharing your experience, strength and hope" (in the language of the 12-step community) with those who want to hear it. Your job is to thank the first group kindly, and pray for 'em - and speak the truth in love to the second group.

Steve F. said...

One last shot, for now...

Martin Luther didn't exactly write his "95 theses" because his church was following his lead, either...but thank God, *that* didn't stop him. It shouldn't stop you, either.