Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Church On The Other Side

The Church on the Other Side

I just finished reading "The Church On Othr Side" by Brian McLaren. I know that some of you automatically roll your eyes when you see his name because I am such an unashamed fan of his, but you should take note of this book anyway. This is one of the most important books I have read in a long time. Any serious church leader should at least read and consider the ideas that McLaren proposes. I think it would be a great idea for entire church staffs and leadership teams read through this together. Has anyone else read this?


c said...

Haven't read that one, but have read More Ready Than You Realize and most of his other writings and essays. I'm on the "McLaren bandwagon" as well. (Sigh) And I think its funny how he is grabbing all of these ideas from other theologians and putting them into his own practice as well as his writings (N.T. Wright, Wendell Berry, Lesile N, Dallas Willard, Joel Green, Todd Hunter, Richard Foster). I respect him not just cause he is "on the cutting edge of ministry" but because he seems to be fleshing out these ideas in his own congregation out in Maryland. And what I really love is when people visit his church they think it will be this cool, hip, indie "postmodern" (whatever that means) church service. But his church is full of young people, married people, college grads, retired folks, kids, blue-haired ladies, republicans, democrats, hippies, yuppies, all across the board. All of these "postmodern" church writers will say, "We are not a model to follow, we ask God what He wants us to be in our own context and we seek to follow His Spirit in that guidance." I for one appreciate this kind of seeking heart. A fun read about an experimental church is doug pagitt's book about Solomon's Porch.

Unknown said...

That was the first book that I read by McLaren. However, by no means will it be the last one. I have read that book, A New Kind Of Christian, The Story We Find Ourselves In, More Ready Than You Realize, and his co-book with Campolo- Adventures in Missing The Point.

Gotta love him...he is a great writer that provokes thoughts that have never been provoked before. This book is no exception. Like you said, its definately a must read for ministry leaders.