Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My Speaking Schedule
Well, I have several speaking engagements in the next few weeks, so I thought I would post what they are in case anyone is interested.
Last weekend I did a class at Youth For Christ as the Westgate Church of Christ in Dothan called "Becoming the Gospel".
July 25th--Palo Alto Church of Christ, Panama City, FL,  9 a.m.--"A Circle of Stones"  John 7:53-8:11 
July 28th--College Ave. Church of Christ, Enterprise, AL, 7 p.m.--"A Circle of Stones"  John 7:52-8:11
July 31st--Teen Leadership University, Birmingham, AL--"Nobody Follows Jesus, Why Should You?  Counterculture Leadership"
August 1--Crossbridge Church of Christ, Birmingham, AL,  a.m. Worship--" A Cirlcle of Stones" John 7:53-8:11
Also I have recently had articles published on GraceCentered Magazine and Allelon.  You can check them out by clicking on the links to the right if you like.


Phil said...

Congrats, Adam. Sounds like you're coming in demand quite a bit.

John Owens said...

Ahh, young Jeff Walling in the making. Grace to you in your prep and travel.

Chris said...

Have you heard if David Fraze is going to be at TLU?

Adam said...

David Fraze will be at TLU as the Keynote Speaker

Greg said...


Looking forward to seeing you at CrossBridge next Sunday!

Anonymous said...

hey adam just wanted to drop u a note...the article was great...keep them coming...

are u going to come and hang out in sept at the missional church forum...the host home is waiting if u can make it...hope to see you bro...

here is the info..pass it on if u get a chance.


Hope all is well,
Mark Priddy