Tuesday, June 08, 2004

More Than Morality
I was recently listening to a lesson by Tony Campolo in which he said that piety was the great American sin. He implied that we use piety to pat ourselves on the back and feel good about ourselves and then completely ignore the mission of Christ. Ouch! That stings a little, doesn't it? The fact is that when Jesus talks about morality, he treats it like a kidergarden subject. "Of course you should live a moral life." he seems to say, "Why are you still trying to figure that out?" Then He makes weird statements like telling the people that their "righteousness should exceed that of the Pharissees." This makes no sense if rigteousness equals morality. In truth, rightiousness is so much more than that. It involves living on purpose. It not only involves my personal conduct, it goes beyond that to the way I (am used to) affect the world.



Matt Elliott said...

Great thoughts, Adam. But careful -- Campolo will get you into trouble in our circles. He requires that you put on your thinking cap! :-)

Adam said...

Matt Elliot!!! Good to hear from you man. Hope all is well with you and your family. Don't worry about me. I stay in trouble in our circles.

John Owens said...

Face it guys. In "OUR" cirlces, we're all squares.

Gilbert said...

What cirlce? And who is this Campolo guy?
hahahaha Just kidding.
Great thoughts Adam. Keep up the great work.