Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Sometimes in youth ministry you wonder if anyone "gets it". I mean sure they like hanging out together and everything looks pretty good, but you wonder if they are getting the deep truths of God. You wonder if they understand what it means to really follow Jesus. I asked a couple of my graduating seniors to handle our Wednesday night program for the teens tonight. The one who volunteered to speak e-mailed me his notes last night. Wow! They are getting it. They are getting it so well, that I don't think I can even take any credit for it. This kid laid out a plea for missional Christianity, Jesus centered living, and true evangelism (though he didn't use those terms) with a clarity that challenges me. Sure, the writing style was a little rough, but it was just his notes and he doesn't do this kind of thing all the time. The message however is crystal clear. Thank you God for letting me experience things like this. In spite of my weaknesses, failures, and frustrations you've got things covered.

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